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The DK Method – With this simple but profound methodology, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm are now optional – you are in control.   You will be empowered through a transferable process of focused and sequenced relaxation principles.

Your Career Altitude – A strategic career development system centered around YOU and your mission.  This is critical for your success as you must have a clear VISION.

DK Consulting and Corporate Training – specialized programs designed to deliver YOUR specific outcomes in business and personal development.


Your present situation, goals, objectives, and vision


Your Alignment, Intention, And Gifts


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Projects and Partnerships Supporting the Results You Will Receive

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About DK

DK is a personal and corporate development expert who overcame significant personal challenges to achieve results both professionally and personally.  An internationally recognized speaker, coach, consultant, business leader and father of eight, he has delivered strategic solutions for individuals and corporations such as Navistar, JBT, CNH, and Harsco.

DK helps anyone who is motivated to move forward, to better themselves, their companies and businesses, family, friends, and communities, with solutions and proven processes that empower through continuous improvement.

Though educated in engineering, business strategy, and other specializations, DK does not operate in theory but presents only practical solutions that work to remove roadblocks and move you forward to achieve the RESULTS that you deserve, benefiting you emotionally, physically, and financially.

Satisfied Client Stories


I’ve never heard anyone simplify a process that much… If you have a chance to work with Derek, I highly recommend that you do!

Dr. Abir A

Before I worked with Derek, I was nervous, my mind was everywhere – as a result of learning Derek’s calming technique, I was able to calm my thoughts and become more confident in my speaking.

Tim C.

I just worked with Derek on his relaxation technique - I think [it] will work wonders… if you’re a public speaker or you need to present and you’ve never presented before.

Ray S.

I was anxious, and I was nervous, about this pitch I had to do… and Derek made me feel so calm, and walked me through step by step, on how we could break this down, how we could make it effective, and connect with people’s hearts.

Laura D.

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