DK's Journey

A Message From My Heart

I am truly grateful for my life’s path – starting with the technical and developmental, progressing to managing product programs, moving on to strategy and planning. 

I always had a desire, a drive, to create solutions that were valuable and useful, to improve continuously, to move forward, and help others do so.

I was blessed with the opportunity to study with and be mentored by experts in a variety of fields, with an eye toward combining knowledge in ways that yield greater efficiency.

I met Kolya when he was 17, in an Eastern European special needs orphanage.  He had grown up “in the system”, and his needs did not match up well with the services available.  He was only 40 pounds or so, almost as short as a toddler, even at 17 years of age.  

But, despite the hand he was dealt, he had a light inside – his smile could light up a room!

My family and I adopted Kolya, and he became my son Lucas.

My career changed, too – I had been positioning myself to move up the ladder at a major corporation.  I took a step back, looking at how I could truly add value, how my work could magnify and multiply the success of those I served.  I invested in my education, sharpening and developing my skillsets for greater effectiveness.  It was in that process that I discovered and designed my unique giftings to help my clients move forward to greater success.

It is my hope that I might have the opportunity to save you a 10+ year learning curve by transferring my proven techniques to you, providing you solutions that accelerate.

Because there are more children where Lucas came from… who need our help!

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